Monday, June 16, 2014

Western Australia - Public Environmental Review!

So here it is.

This is the formal process I was talking about.
Here you can find the full Environmental review, and here are some excellent arguments courtesy of the ever formidable Jessica Meeuwig, a brilliant researcher and  Shark diver who is very much taking a personal risk by publicly opposing the cull. Please read them - then you will have plenty of ammunition for posting your submission against the cull.

And the petitions?
They didn't work last time and there are no indications that the EPA will consider them now. The  official process is this one and if you really want to make a difference, this is the correct way to have your voice heard. Remember this is an Environmental Review so arguments must be pertinent to that topic, so statements like For The Sharks For The Oceans For The Future!! >~xo:] x and the like simply out you as a whack and do nothing to protect those Sharks.
Those videos and social media rants were (hopefully) meant to create awareness - now is the time to harness that awareness and convince people to make submissions, as ultimately, that is the only metric that counts!

And please, do not insult, and do not follow the advice of the crazies!
You are asking the WA government to change their mind and call off the cull and it is them, not you, that ultimately have the power to say yay or nay - so pissing them off is certainly not conducive to bringing about a positive result!

Thank you!

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