Saturday, June 07, 2014

Chondrichthyes: Tree of Life!

This is the geographic distribution of the Bull Shark - click for detail!


Check this out.
Anybody know who created it?



Daniel R said...

Amazing peace of work!
Hope thats not like normal IT Projects,
that everybody starts forking it and people come together and work it even more out in detail as it is now.

Again, best IT Projects, related to sharks, I saw till now.


Thats what I found.

Putting Chondrichthyans “on the map”
Gavin Naylor 1* , Shannon Corrigan 1 , Lindsay Marshall 2 , Callie Crawford 1 , William White
Peter Last 3 and Jason Davies 4
Hollings Marine Laboratory, College of Charleston, 331 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston,
SC 29412, USA
Hunter st, EvertonmPark, Queensland 405, Australia
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart TAS, 7001, Australia
43 Upper Walthamstow Road, London E17 3QG, UK
A web accessible data base ( is introduced to provide information on all
described extant species of sharks rays and chimaeras. New scientific illustrations and up-
to-date distribution maps will be provided for all ~1200 currently described species, while
interactive CT scans will be included for representatives of each family, where possible.
The information is presented in an evolutionary framework based on analysis of DNA
sequence data acquired using gene capture technology. The project is funded by the US
National Science Foundation.


DaShark said...

Aaaah now I see.

Attendees at the Symposium called Naylor “the George Clooney of #SharkScience” and said his lab’s “online database of chondrichthyans makes fishbase look like an abacus.”

Naylor and Crawford presented “Putting Condrichthans on the Map,” which highlighted the web-accessible database that is an evolutionary tree of sharks and rays. The site includes more than 1,200 species with scientific illustrations, distribution maps, interactive CT scans, and more.

And of course Will had to play some part in it!


Dr Lindsay Marshall said...

I am the artist for this project! @stickfigurefish.
Here is some info on the project:

DaShark said...

Congratulations - that's really a quite titanic achievement!