Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Guam's Great Marine Preserves - Video by Timbo!

Manta in Guam's Tumon Preserve - source.

Bravo Timbo!

Not too shabby for an old fart!
Incidentally, this is what Manny Duenas and WESPAC want do destroy.

Anyway, enjoy!

And, there is a book, too!


Tim Rock said...

Thanks Mike and the BAD crew. You guys know something about maintaining a preserves so kudos greatly appreciated:

DaShark said...

Thanks Timbo - it's high time for you to come back for an inspection! :)

Shop King said...

Wait a sec that Ray is shopped man, totally shopped, I mean look at the smooth lines compared to the woman who looks completely natural in that shot;)

DaShark said...

All digital pics are photoshopped nowadays... methinks there has been selective sharpening/unsharpening but if you suggest that the manta has been added or the like, I don't think so, this is an original image that has been worked over in post.

jsd said...

Beautiful, elegant, graceful curves, correct proportions. Definitely the real deal.

And the manta isn't too shoddy either.

DaShark said...

Indeed - Timbo has always excelled in the u/w model department!