Friday, May 02, 2014

Bimini's Hammerheads - doomed?


Big money or the environment?

You be the judge of that - read this.
The sinister saga of how the Bimini Bay Resort, now renamed into Resorts World Bimini is progressively destroying the island goes on and on and on, with no end in sight.

And the title of this post - too alarmist?
Dunno about the Hammers - but 14 years of research reveal that Doc's Lemons there are now at severe risk, and that the effects extend throughout the whole lagoon and impact critically endangered species like the Smalltooth Sawfish. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to hypothesize that if it hasn't already, this fiasco will surely end up affecting those Hammerheads in particular and Bimini's tourism in general. 

Can this be turned around?
I'm frankly not very hopeful - but the Bimini Blue Coalition and a group of renown researchers are fighting back both in court but also, by exploring viable alternatives, and I invite you to follow their FB page in case they decide to enlist your help. 

But above all, stop giving RWB your business! 
During the next Hammerhead season, stay well clear of that wretched resort: no visits, no berthing, certainly no residing - and if your intruding dive operator is not so squeamish and tries to befuddle you with the usual bullshit, choose a different operator!

Yes I'm talking to you!
You know who you are!

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jsd said...

Yes indeed.

The picture
here (top left) tells you everything you need to know about this disgrace.

The dwarf in the sunglasses is Gerardo Capo the environmental hoodlum who took his bag of tricks from the USA to destroy the ecology of Bimini. The person he is in bed with (arm in arm) is the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, the illustrious Perry Christie, who gave the green light to this fiasco years ago. And illegal fiasco at that: the destruction by Capo of the intertidal habitats of Bimini so that he can build-build-build is destruction of Crown Land that is held in trust for the people of the Bahamas in the name of the Queen. It is not Perry Christie's to give away to a foreigner. And under Prime Minister Christie, scandal after scandal during the building of the resort has been ignored. Disruption of the islanders' water supply. Burning of toxic rubbish. Importing Mexican construction workers, confiscating their passports so they could not leave (which is illegal), housing them in dangerous and disgusting housing fit only for demolition, working them relentlessly and paying them a fraction of what they were promised. In other words treating them as slaves.

Meanwhile the resort that has destroyed so much is a failure. Mostly empty, providing poor, wildly overpriced food and lousy service, a string of scathing reviews
here (the glowing reviews being plants by the resort) tells you everything you need to know about where to book your next holiday.