Monday, May 05, 2014

The Big Five-Oh - simply phenomenal!

Epic - this is Blunt, one of our biggest females.

Doug's Water Column has just turned 50.

Well what can I say.
The man is one of the most respected, accomplished, most diligent (and never being happy with the results, most obstinate) underwater photographers out there, and quite possibly the best Shark photographer - and his unequaled articles are the result of countless hours of meticulous research and preparation coupled with more hours spent chasing those elusive images. We've only met relatively recently and the beginning has been challenging - but he has persevered, we're now older and maybe a fraction of a tad more tolerant, and I now count him among the people I trust and respect the most, and call him a close friend.
Here's the laudatio by DIVE Magazine - click for detail.

Totally agree!
You can read his brilliant essay about Shark feeding here, and here is his article about Shark conservation - both some of the best ever published on the respective subjects!

But above all, check out Water Column # 50!
Subscribing to DIVE is free and once you've done that, you can download, or simply check out the interview and Doug's incomparable portfolio of sea life, from the biggest to the tiniest.

Enjoy - I'm sure you will be amazed!

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Archibald Flabberghast III said...

I remember long ago seeing an early article by the Saffron Pimpernel on scalloped hammerheads (I think it was) in DIVE. I thought: DANG! this fellow is good. Top notch photos + informed, well-written text. Time to get back on the tennis court.

I am still awaiting that tennis match...