Monday, May 12, 2014

Porbeagles in Canada - still at Risk!


And I cite.
“You know, that’s a lower number than we would like — let’s make no mistake. Even though I’ve got some optimism for the population, it should still be, probably, twice as high,”
For years, Canada has strenuously defended its Porbeagle fishery and resisted calls to list them under CITES - and now that they are, they have opted out, albeit possibly only temporarily.
Not good.

And the lamenting Steve Campana, cited above?
Far from being the enlightened Shark researcher, he used to very much be part of the problem, prompting irate posts by both Mark Harding and yours truly.
May this be an indication for a belated change of mind?

Let's hope so - and if so, kudos.
Sed scripta manent!

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