Sunday, May 25, 2014

Florida - Troglodyte Shark Diving!

"Nice action picture"? Source.

Check this out.

I've now watched it four times, and still want to puke.
A pal writes, and Randy is going to get bit.... and my only thought is, yes please, and let it be bloody painful!

And let's hope the authorities shut him down!

This is everything Shark diving should not be.
Apart from being negligently dangerous (same-same here!) the demented wrangling and molesting of those poor little Tigers is abhorrent. Far from being cool or manly, or whatever, it simply documents an abject lack of the most basic respect for the animals and zero appreciation for the privilege of encountering them.

And let me add that as much as I usually oppose Shark feeding bans - as long as yahoos like that are dominating the local industry, it is probably best if Shark feeding in Florida remains illegal!

What the fuck!


Forest Delmont Duane Jackson said...

The problem with Fl?

It acts as the human waste disposal for everything south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

This great southern migration leads to tatted up Shark Feeders with names like "Randy."

Actual Floridians are nice folks.

Sadly, this toxic mix of migratory yahoo's and sharks is one that will lead to more "Randys" and some "Billy Bobs" a few "Bobby Rays" "Clints" "Coopers" and even "DelMars" infesting the shark operations space.

Of course they all saw, and are emulating, "those who have been before." The "Eli's" and "ABC2's" and a host of others who blithely went forth to educate the industry in ways of molesting sharks for personal gain.

Kinda of like watching monkeys masturbate at the zoo. Once one starts, they all have a go (shocking really).

Welcome to lowest common denominator shark diving.

A place fueled by Facebook and bucket beers, a place where women in bikinis swoon at the Modern Day Shark Wrestlers.

DaShark said...

Monkeys masterbating.
Interesting analogy.

Which reminds me that I must establish a section for this year's most notable comments in my year-end recap!