Sunday, December 08, 2013

Is Sean van Sommeran a Coward and a Liar?

Would this man ever lie? Source.

You be the judge of that!

Remember the Junior controversy?
If not and if you want to waste a lot of time, you can re-read plenty of posts on the subject and above all, a lot of breathy comments by Sean van Sommeran here, starting from the oldest post.
In brief, an anonymous whistle-blower called ecoshark leaked a few pictures of a mutilated GWS claiming that the wounds were the result of the research by Michael Domeier. It was later revealed that the injuries had been inflicted by other Sharks and that this was a smear campaign by competing researchers against Michael Domeier aimed at evicting him from their research site at the Farallones.

The following is from the comments thread of a then post on SFS
Michael Domeier says:
May 6, 2011 at 12:57 pm 
I think Greg asks a reasonable question, Sean. Are you the source of the original Junior photos?

Sean R. Van Sommeran says:
May 6, 2011 at 4:24
I did not leak the footage, footage like that is made available as a matter of course anyway…. so why is it being characterized as a malicious leak anyway? …
I havent the vaguest idea whose ecoshark link that is and have no comments on that.

Michael Domeier says:
May 6, 2011 at 5:16 pm
OK Sean. Fair question and fair answer. Thanks for answering.
Now, times have apparently changed.
What was then (and still is) a grave and cowardly breach of fair play and collegiality may now confer hero status, at least among a particular frothy subsection of the Shark movement.
Be it as it may: the rabid anti-OCEARCH dipshits with an opinion and a keyboard are busy
cobbling together a film, no less - and SvS has now found it fit to post the following on one of their circular echo chambers.
Sean R. van Sommeran --
We stopped Ocearch at the Farallones ( Pelagic Shark Research Foundation), the resulting scandal that we exposed and documented (shared documentation/videos, stills, etc) fractured the Ocearch and Domeier cartel's incursion into California and its well known 'Sanctuary' Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary) that granted the permits for the hook and line method.

It was PSRF conservation workers, working discretely with fellow TOPP field researchers (only 3 out of the whole lot) that leaked images and video stills and background story (shark named Junior) during the disastrous Ocearch/Domeier expedition into California and the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary in 2009/10. 

We Pelagic Shark Research Foundation) were the only TOPP members (field researcher) who disobeyed orders and publicly commented on the matter, we were of course sanctioned thereafter... Duty before dogma ~ 
As I said, you be the judge of that.


The Greater White said...

I think by now the decision makers who allowed SvS to use the TOPP name without tying him up in legal knots are regretting that decision.

DaShark said...


Trust the man to eventually spill the beans - especially now that it has undoubtedly earned him some admiration by his fanatical cronies.

And now that the facts are finally on the table, the authorities ought to ponder well before renewing any permits to both the PSRF and TOPP alike!

Unknown said...

Is this page run by Dave Schiffman or perhaps Dr. Domeier in disguise? Maybe even Chris Fischer. No one respects Sean Van Sommermen, he has dug his own grave and I imagine TOPP has had their regrets for their association with him. In fact they have distanced themselves from him as everyone else has. To those whom this blog intends to mislead, stating that the wounds to the shark Junior were only shark related and had nothing to do with with the fouled hooking incident is a fool's dream. Yes, Junior was bitten by other sharks, as all sharks are. That doesn't change that Junior's change of health were initiated by the botched tagging effort of Dr. Domeier of Marine CSI in partnership with Fischer Productions. The coincidence that this blog is bashing Sean and Topp at the same time that Marine CSI posted this blog on their Facebook page looks like an attempt to bash TOPP...probably because TOPP manages to study sharks without fucking them up.

DaShark said...

Darn, busted!

OK I confess: I'm Domeier disguised as Schiffman - in disguise!

Shark Saver said...

Ha ha, Fischer is the only one you aren't OK with being?

DaShark said...


Amid the usual deluge of fluff, you write:

Conversation started today
Sean R. van Sommeran
Sean R. van Sommeran

Hi, My name is Sean Van Sommeran, That blog is the one who is lying and distorting information. And they are the cowards in fact they make these false assertions, insults and bogus allegations and block/prevent me from responding.


What is with these 'cowardly' back biting miscreants who make up false allegations about PSRF and myself personally while preventing redress and rubuttal and provision of information to refute the allegation and documented the event and details of that and other events. They just refuse to give the devil his due, but that is an artifact of their lack of integrity and honor, not that of PSRF or myself.

This post documents that in 2011, you denied knowledge of who was attempting to throw Domeier under the bus - and that now you claim it was you and TOPP.

By all means redress, rebut and refute.
I will allow you to comment as long as you stay strictly on topic - if not, not.

Shark Diver said...

Dang Mike, I didn't realize that you were all those guys in disguise. You just looked like yourself at DEMA.

I'm always laughing my butt off, when SvS is accusing someone of lying and distorting things, when they are just quoting him.

I think he must have a split personality, where one hates the other ;)