Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finning for Dummies!

Back to square one.

Stop Shark Finning yields 289,000 results.
Looks great doesn't it - and yet those petitions do little to save Sharks, and may even harm Shark conservation by delaying and detracting from the need for better Shark conservation measures like sanctuaries and well managed Shark fisheries. 
Plus, implementation sucks - especially in lesser developed countries and on the high seas!

But don't take my word for it.
When in 2011, I stated that finning bans are archaic and ineffective (and by all means, do read the remainder of that post, too - where incidentally, little if anything has changed!), it sure did raise more than a few eyebrows - and now others are spreading the same message much better than I ever could.

Case in point: this great post by AJ Sablan.
Required reading - and then, may I suggest that you invest your enthusiasm, energy and creativity into more worthwhile causes

Thank you!

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