Sunday, December 01, 2013

Great Fiji Shark Count - please vote!

Yes I'm back! :)
It has been long and there's heaps of urgent stuff that needs addressing - so please bear with me if it'll take a while for me to get back to your many messages.

But this can't wait.
The GFSC team has applied for a grant from PADI AWARE, and they have included it into their Ocean Action Project and are now submitting it to a public vote. These funds are really important because despite of having been extremely frugal and stretched the resources to include producing all the materials plus four instead of a budgeted two events, we now urgently need to replenish our coffers.
Here are some additional explanations on the GFSC website.

So, please vote and share share share with all your friends!
Voting closes on December 8.
Thank you!


Shark Defenders said...

Welcome back!

DaShark said...

Thanks buddy - good to be back!

Please share this will 'ya.
We need to be collecting more evidence as the authorities will only act if presented with irrefutable evidence - and even then, as you know all too well, it's not gonna be a walk in the park...

Robert said...

anybody else having problems voting?
I click on vote, the screen blinks & nothing else