Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Great project!

Mark Thorpe is one of the good ones.
He's been around forever, and he also forever been a warrior fighting for the cause of Sharks, and now that the gruesome details about the gill raker trade have emerged, equally for the cause of Mantas.

With that in mind, I fully support this project.

Yes I know I know  -  another conservation movie...
But with Indonesia at the epicenter of the Shark fin and Manta gill raker trade, this is a story that needs to be told - and Mark assures me that it will be done respectfully whilst looking for practicable solutions, one of which is of course the possibility of earning more and more importantly, long-term sustainable income from ecotourism.

I am hopeful.
With Stefanie's project going from strength to strength (bravo!), there's really no reason why this funding drive shouldn't be equally successful.

That of course will depend entirely on you.
So, please, give generously.
Indiegogo page here FB pages here and here!

Thank you!


Mark Thorpe said...

Hi Mike, thanks for sharing this out to your audience, much appreciated. I will happily be basing a lot of the suggestions in the project when dealing about the issue of revenue replacement for the sustenance fishermen on models such as that implemented by your sterling efforts in Fiji.


DaShark said...

With pleasure - we're all in this together! :)