Monday, December 30, 2013

Bimini Hammers!

For once, not one of those boooring distorted super-wideangle shots!


Story here - well done Steve!
Let's hope that next year, there will be less shenanigans and more fucking RESPECT!

And here's a nice video.


Bullish on Bimini aka the season of WTF said...

Wait, what!? 'Nannigans in Bimini w over 50 well known and up and coming shooters all vying for a chance to make a name or reclaim some Facebook crown?

Never, could hardly even conceive of anything like that!

Oh, and no worries film and tv pressure from cut rate crews, plus baited (green) bull sharks, what could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

DaShark said...

It's really up to the locals isn't it.

Last time the invasion may have come as a total surprise - but now they've had one year to prepare.
As a minimum, I would expect some leadership, some rules and some enforcement.
One thing's for sure: all the whining and the excuses will not fly anymore.