Monday, December 02, 2013

David - Teaser-Trailer # three!

Yes this would be a stack of 3m Bull Sharks - fabulous pic by DaMary!

This is just awesome!

Yes of course I'm biased.
So once again, I'm not gonna dwell in superlatives but instead invite you to refer to my assessment of Mr. Diley here - I cannot but fully confirm, and then some! And, do check out this post on David's blog!

Only this.
I fully concur that the letterboxed version is by far the better one so please please pretty please, do edit the movie in Anamorphic! And more importantly: I really want to thank the many people who've kindly agreed to be interviewed and are now providing awesome quotables - in this particular case Ratu Leone and Alfie from Uprising, Manasa, my dive buddy Rusi, the ever formidable Helen and the unequaled MPO. And of course the forever Facebook-status-changing Nani!
Vinaka vaka levu!

So without further ado, here it is!

AND, here's one more post!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

Looks absolutely amazing! A job very well done and I cannot wait to see the full-length edition.

DaShark said...

It does doesn't it! :)

Same here - can't wait to see the final edit but first, as per David's second post there will be a proper trailer and then, a "surprise".

All I can say is, keep watching this space!