Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Stephen and Takako - great Stuff!

Here's to some of the nicest and most humble people in the industry!
Full-time underwater photo journalists and Asian underwater icons Stephen Wong and Takako Uno have been to Fiji for an all-too-short visit and I must say, it has been rather epic. Suffice to say that they were able to awake my inner Fish geek and that I didn't miss a single reef dive, very much contrary to my usual fixation on Sharks.
And, it's been loads of fun!

They've just sent me a sample of pics from our forays.
They are a testimony to their talent and to the fact that given the necessary skills, it is possible to take a picture of our famous and much-depicted Sharks and still produce something completely unique, like the stellar pic of a Blacktip and a Whitetip at the top!
Well done!

Enjoy Stephen and Takako's pictures.

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(Tiger)Lily said...

I agree, this is really nice shark work - and Mike, reef diving?! They must be REALLY good, respect! : ) Lill