Thursday, May 03, 2012

Eli - spot on!

How it should be - people on one side, Sharks on the other.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I agree with Eli.
Check this out - love love love it!

Spot on - seen it a squillion times.
That's your archetypical underwater photographer: whatever the extent of the previous instructions and warnings, once they are in the presence of the animals they are totally focused on getting the shot, glaringly oblivious of their surroundings even in the most dangerous situations, with their eye always glued to the viewfinder and then, they top if off by checking their image in the back screen - from a safety perspective, a total and unadulterated nightmare.
Always? Yes pretty much so!

Hence our draconian protocols.
In essence, we strictly separate the customers and the Sharks, do not allow any radical captures by amateurs and will provide body guards for the pros that are positioned and never allowed to roam freely - and yet, they always get the shot.
Over the years, this has led to a noticeable decline in overly ambitioned pushy elite amateurs and a noticeable increase in professionals and marine conservation NGOs, which for reasons I have explained elsewhere is exactly where we wish to position ourselves.

Buddy you may want to think about that.
Fun or no fun, right now what happens at TB looks like a losing proposition.

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