Friday, May 25, 2012

GoPro and Sharks!

Poor Tiger Shark!
How I hate those images - the riding and the bikini bimbette!
I was wondering what Stuart Cove may be ending up doing at TB and now I know: the usual shenanigans!
And the shooter? Take a wild guess!

But, at least there's none of the usual BS.
Nobody is claiming to be saving Sharks or to be changing perceptions, or whatever. And I must say, the images, the editing and the sound track are just simply stellar. Plus, one gets to see the brand new dive housing for the GoPro, and although I'm very happy with my toy from Backscatter, I am rather impressed! Plus, Backscatter have already unveiled their latest filter which'll turn it into a rather awesome gizmo!

Anyway, enjoy!


Unknown said...

Have used the housing and it is phenomenal! Definitely recommend getting it...

The Sharkman said...

I wonder if that Tiger Sharks fin is permanently bent from having too many "riders"