Sunday, May 06, 2012

Freakin' Shark with freakin' Laser - epic Fail!

Way to go: this is totally respectful and totally necessary!

Listen carefully.

One would think that the simple request is pretty much unequivocal - or not?
So which part, exactly, did they not get about the freakin' lasers being attached (caps lock) TO THEIR HEADS?

I guess it must be that freakin' Tipple.
He's way too talented and way too, I hear, good looking (and his accent, way too absurd) for him not to be a cyborg - so let's put it down to some freakin' programming error. So once again, let me cite myself, ad nauseam like a freakin' broken record: fix the freakin' gizmo!

And other than that?
Apart from the fact that they totally frigged up the most important detail, and that the whole exercise is nothing but a freakin' lot of hot air and media frothiness aimed at marketing a freakin' laser that in all likelihood isn't even water proof?
You tell me!

Did I hear, the clip?
There's really nothing to be said about that thing other than it being disrespectful and causing unnecessary stress - and I may add, much to the contrary of the clip depicted at the top!
Plus, it is way too cheap! Should it ever, god forbid, turn out to be useful for research, it would lead to a catastrophic drop in sales of drills and titanium bolts and further depress the economy - and forever condemn nine (!!!) intrepid sharktivists to a shallow cause-less existence!

I say, enough is enough!
We must stop this now before it is too late.
Let's use the momentum of the current global wave of outrage and spam their freakin' Facebook and Twitter pages and hack their freakin' webpage. And tell ya' what: since we're at it, let's ask the couch farting fireman to start us another anti petition!

Evidence here!
And before you start getting agitated - read this!

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