Monday, May 07, 2012

Freakin' Laser - deux!

Wow wow wow!
Looks like some people didn't quite get it.

So there: my last post was totally tongue-in-cheek!
For the record, I am actually deeply impressed by Luke and Patric's innovative marketing campaign - by the concept, by the execution and by the simply stellar roll-out across the media.
Simply brilliant - the laser and the campaign, and bravo Luke!

And what about the Shark?
Totally OK! As anybody who has clamped a Go Pro to a Lemon can confirm, the animals are totally unfazed and will continue to swim their rounds until somebody relieves them of the gizmo, exactly like the one in the video. When Patric writes that No sharks were harmed, inconvenienced, delayed, disrespected, and or annoyed in the making of this video. As it turns out Mr.Biggelsworth has a bit of a thing for our buddy Luke Tipple, it is nothing but the truth.
How about directing the outrage against the folks who continue to abuse Sharks as underwater scooters - now that's inconveniencing!

Plus, I have high hopes for that clip.
If it can be engineered to fall off at predetermined times, it is the ideal platform for attaching a whole variety of tags and instruments for short-term research projects of one or two weeks. Should you be interested, you can read the details here - I certainly am and have already ordered a few.

So once again, check out the evidence.

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