Sunday, April 08, 2012

NSW Grey Nurse Sharks - WTF?

This Grey Nurse Shark is going to die.

The culprit?
Forget the individual fisherman - this is the direct consequence of Fisheries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson's decision to undermine the protection of the GNS in order to please her recreational angler friends.
The submission period has long closed, the results have long been published (analysis here) and despite of the unequivocal results, the NSW Government is still prevaricating citing the need for further consultations, or whatever.

This is what the public has demanded - click for details.

See any room for interpretation, or any need for further consultations?
What part of re-instate and increase the Grey Nurse Shark protection, now! do those people not understand?
Like in Queensland, it is time to hold them accountable.
Here are all the relevant e-mail addresses.

Oh and I nearly forgot: please be polite...
Or not!

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