Friday, April 06, 2012

Great Fiji Shark Count - Fiji Times Article!

Good to see that Fiji's biggest newspaper is taking notice!

The article is here, nice job.
The weather is finally improving and the Nation is slowly digging itself out of the mess of the last weeks. Normal flight schedules have resumed and with the arrival of the first tourists, the count is now finally kicking into gear.

Our first Shark dive after the floods is going to be tomorrow.
I cannot wait to see what has happened in the Shark Reef Marine Reserve. All along the Coral Coast, thousands of sedentary and cryptic Fishes like Morays and Stonefish have been washed ashore after drowning in the sudden deluge of fresh water - but Shark Reef is approx one mile offshore so the hope is that the flood waters have been sufficiently diluted before reaching it.

I'm moderately optimistic.
I am a closet Fish geek and know every nook and cranny, and every single Fish there and will certainly do a quick census & report back. The Sharks are going to be fine, don't worry.
Fingers crossed and keep watching this space!

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