Monday, April 02, 2012

Chris Fischer in South Africa!

One of Klimley's Tiger Sharks?
Klimley says he demanded the production crew build a sling to hoist the sharks and a live well on the ship, in which to place them. Right.

I certainly don't like Fischer.

Larger than life persona?
Indeed, a loud-mouthed self promoter who has barged into the North American GW scene, severely tarnished Michael Domeier's reputation and to top it of, is now brazenly claiming all of Domeier's research achievements as his own.

Now, it appears, he has set his eyes on South Africa.
I fully expect yet another epic fiasco, the more as he's found yet another naive bunch of helpers in Ryan Johnson and Enrico Gennari of Oceans Research.
Johnson is of course none other than Nat Geo Wild's token Scientific Expert of Shark Experiment LIVE infamy and as such, probably not a great loss, not for academia nor otherwise. Like every single researcher before him that has pursued delusions of grandeur by serving as anchor of those pathetic shows, he will slide into academic irrelevance and be quickly forgotten.

But we shall see, shall we not!


Anonymous said...

South Africa cancelled the research permits for Chris Fischers and his Shark men project in South African waters after a public outcry and the tragic fatal attack on a young body boarder in False Bay today. our thoughts and prays are with him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Tragic outcomen don`t leave your chum

DaShark said...

Yes absolutely tragic.

But just to be crystal clear on this, and contrary to the accusations by the usual frothy morons: there is zero correlation between the attack and the activities of Fisher.