Friday, April 20, 2012

The Fiji Shark Diving Paper - excellent Media!

Our Bulls - worth millions to the local economy!

Great outreach by Pew!

Having checked, the Fiji paper is all over the global media.
Here in Fiji, it has made the Fiji Times twice: in this short piece where I was particularly happy to find a statement of support by Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto; and in this article where Helen once again points out the current decline of Sharks in Fiji and the absolute need to protect them right away.
One thing is certain: FJD 75 million in fully sustainable yearly revenues from tourism are certainly not something the Nation wants to ever put at risk!

And whilst I was rummaging, I also found this.
It is about my recent Shark talk and I must say, it is nice to see one of Fiji's most prominent conservation NGOs post an objective report.


PS one more Fiji Times article here!

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