Friday, April 06, 2012

Horrific - this is happening in Queensland, right now!

Dugongs - harpooned and then drowned

Warning - graphic footage!

This was posted two years ago - story here.

The reaction?
The State and Federal Governments reactivated a national task force and called a round table meeting in November of that year.
And here is the result of those talks - story here.

Now, apparently, there is hope.
This latest report is apparently leading to investigations and the politicians are concerned - whilst once again faffing about and making no clear commitments, as can be clearly witnessed in this follow-up report by the ABC.

This is not about poaching or indigenous rights.
This is not even about conservation or sustainability - it is about the most basic tenets of compassion and humanity, and anybody who sees this and is not moved to take immediate action is just a heartless pig.

Those state officials are answerable to the public.
Do hold them accountable and do not let them get away with yet another round of gutless procrastinating.
E-mail addresses and info here.

Oh I nearly forgot: try and be polite...

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