Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fiji - please help!

Fiji has been struck by the worst natural disaster, ever.
As I said, we are just fine and have been spared the worst, so please stop worrying - but lives have been lost, the towns in the West ravaged, villages and livelihoods obliterated and much of the infrastructure has been destroyed.
The Nation is in dire need of assistance.

The most effective help - come have a holiday.
Tourism is very much back in business and you will not suffer any inconveniences whatsoever but instead have a great time and add valuable income to the country's principal business sector and provider of employment.

And if you can't, please send money.
The PM has launched a flood relief appeal and funds can be sent to any branch of BSP, or the Bank of the South Pacific.
The account number is 4706578.

And this shit?
Trust the Ozzie media and the various interests to try and politicize the issue instead of simply saying the right thing and contributing to helping the people who are suffering, right here, right now. This is the time to assist and not to try and make political capital or whatever - simply disgusting!
This got nothing whatsoever to do with politics and from everything I have seen, every single cent you donate will go directly to where it is needed and zero will be embezzled or dilapidated in unnecessary bureaucracy. Everybody here is contributing and government is working tirelessly to bring relief where it is most needed - and if you don't believe me, ask anybody in the country!

Thank you!

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OfficetoOcean said...

All the best to everybody mate, let's hope everyone is back up on their feet again asap!