Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Trailer!

David Diley on location in Mallorca

Behold the trailer of Behind Blue Glass!
Which automatically answers the question about Manchester vs Fiji Time - in Fiji Time terms, one week is lightning fast and I already very much look look forward to witnessing David's tribulations in trying to get anything done at that pace once he hits our shores! :)

Great job buddy!
Now, we obviously want to see the whole enchilada, namely
Filmed on location in Mallorca, "Behind Blue Glass" tells the story of Mallorca's history and tradition with the Great White Shark and in which, seven unwitting volunteers come face to face with sharks and in doing so, send out a powerful message in favour of the conservation of these awe inspiring animals.

Did I read Not long to wait now ;) ? Meaning... ?
No pressure! :)

"Behind Blue Glass" Trailer (1080p HD) from David Diley on Vimeo.

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