Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Real Viking Stuff!

One never stops learning!
Turns out that there's two breeds of Vikings.
There's the southerly wimps from Oslo who insist on using semi-dry wetsuits even when diving in balmy tropical waters - but we love them never the less, be it only because that makes them so endearing!

And then, there's the Real Deal, the fierce northerly stock who are quite obviously the direct descendants of the indomitable Norsemen.
Case in Point!

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(Tiger)Lily said...

Yes we used to rule the world - and look what have became of some of us: frozen cowards escaping to the tropics (and using semi-dry suits!! I KNOW, sad isn't it!!)

Well, most of us (them) are still acting "arctic" - great video BTW : )

PS - I must mention, and I know this will really shock you - that I did 70 min dives in (only) a 7mm wetsuit in the recent splash-in competition in Turkey (ok, ok, and a 5 mm overlay + 10mm hood) - while others used their DRYYYY-suits..

I am sure you can read this...: