Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Fiji Shark Dive in Spanish!

Blunt - very big and showing her teeth like she always does. Great pic by Sergei Shanin (yes those are links)!

Excellent job!
I've just received a nice mail from the fiery Iñaki Bue of Kapta Producciones. He tells me that he has posted a new video about our dive and concludes
Yesterday I made a presentation at the Getxo Sea Week and after the video I spoke about the shark preservation and everything you told us about Spanish and Bask fishing boats. It was quite good.
This is Getxo- charming! :)

I rarely if ever sit for interviews as I believe that showcasing a Caucasian talking head detracts from the fact that the SRMR is very much a Fijian success story. But in view of the continued involvement of Spain in the Shark fishing (and alas, Shark fin) business, I wanted to send a message to what I knew was going to be a Spanish audience - and thanks to Iñaki, it looks like I did.

So here is that video - enjoy!

Thanks Iñaki, much appreciated!

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