Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Hundred Bull Sharks?

Milky viz, heaps upon heaps of Bulls, frantic action - not conducive for leaning back and counting Sharks! But, one customer commented that everywhere you looked, there were scores of big Sharks and Valerie said that those may well have been the fabled one hundred Bulls. The screen shots don't really do it justice as they only cover a small section of the action - so imagine the same happening all over the place!

So there, I officially declare June 24, 2011 to be the day when the prediction came true!

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the One called "Bitey"... said...

sooooo..... You're saying when I come back, I should come back in June, eh?... (Heidi had mentioned that May was a good time, but May or June - it all depends on my work schedule anyway...).....