Saturday, June 18, 2011


Who are the iconic ladies that make the BAD boys smile? Click for detail!

Wow what a day!
We had the great honor and immense pleasure of hosting a gaggle of intelligent, passionate and just simply genuinely lovely Shark conservation people for a day of Shark diving, bonding and epic conversations. Among them were two ladies who are truly the crème de la crème of the Shark diving community and who both happen to be Women Divers Hall of Famers.
Lemme tell 'ya, it doesn't get much more iconic than that!

So there, here's your chance to partake in this momentous event.
If you manage to correctly identify both ladies, you can win one full week of diving with Beqa Adventure Divers, meaning several outings to Shark Reef Marine Reserve for the Fiji Shark Dive but also several reef and wreck dives in the famous Beqa Lagoon.

  • First one to answer correctly on this blog (NOT on Facebook) wins
  • Personal friends of those ladies do not qualify
  • People who already know that those ladies are here do not qualify
  • Please only answer if you truly intend to accept the price - if not, leave that opportunity to others
  • Ditto if you already dive with us FOC
  • The initial prize consists in seven full days of diving. After one day, I will post a clue and the prize drops to six days; after another day, I will post another clue and the prize drops to five days, etc.
May the fun begin! :)

First Clue - 6 days of diving: Jeremiah Sullivan.

Congratulations to Mark Gray for having submitted the correct answer!
Here are the ladies!

Cristina and Valerie - true diving icons (yes those are links -read them!) - and by the way - I was right! :)


OfficetoOcean said...

It's not really fair if I enter, considering I'll be there with you for a month in just over three weeks anyway, but I think I know who the lady at the front of the picture is and I have a decent idea on the other, younger lady as well.

If they are who I think they are, awesome! :D

the young bull said...

Well I will try and take a guess to win this great prize. I have been up for hours researching and my guess is Cristina Zenato and Dr. Eugenie Clark?

DaShark said...

Nope - sorry!

the young bull said...

DaShark - could you clarify the rules on multiple submissions? one guess per person? one guess per person per day?...thanks a lot, have fun diving with the bulls!

DaShark said...

Good point - hadn't thought of that one!

I guess, to be fair to everybody and avoid wild guessing games, one guess per person per "day" as defined by me posting new clues.
Hence, you would have to wait til I post the first clue (as opposed to having to wait for 24hrs), etc.

Sound fair to you?

the young bull said...

That seems very generous. Thank you. I look forward to the upcoming clues.

DaShark said...

First clue (?) is up!

Go for it! :)

the young bull said...

cristina zenato
lotte hass

Anonymous said...

Cristina Zenato and Valerie Taylor

Mark Gray

DaShark said...

Bravo Mark!

Glad to see that you know your national heroes!

Jeremiah Sullivan is this man and Valerie is the first ever person to don a steel mesh suit, something Cristina obviously wears whenever she interacts with her Caribbean Reefies.

Six days of diving it is!