Wednesday, February 02, 2011

BAD Videos - a Stroll down Memory Lane!

Great pic by Michael - click for detail.

Thank you Schoener Tauchen!

Should you be living in German speaking Europe, this is your dive travel operator of choice.
Big boss Uwe belongs to the who's who of the German dive community and their Swiss outlet is where I booked my one year diving sabbatical in 2001 - and I can attest to the utmost professionalism of the team under boss Robi Frommenwiler and charming office boss Marta. Incidentally, Robi happens to be the brother of Edi, together with Max Ammer the undisputed pioneer of diving in Raja Ampat and Misool, and owner (and builder!) of the legendary Pindito that spawned a whole generation of penisi liveaboards.
Still going strong and still unmatched!

Anyway, they obviously feature BAD in their repertoire.
And more than that, they have recently posted a whole array of videos about The Fiji Shark Dive. To anybody knowing us, it's a whole trip down memory lane, with images of much younger Rusi and Papa, and even of David and Mini! And of course a much smaller and less shredded Scarface - compare the mouth and first dorsal fin!
Glorious times!

Here they are - enjoy!

Our first professional marketing video approx 2005 with voice over and editing by Imraz of Niuwave Media.

Typical unprofessionally filmed and edited customer videos by our staff, approx 2007

Edit for DEMA 2010, again by Imraz and featuring the ravishing Mindy

Is this cool or what!


The Sharkman said...

WOW.... I cannot wait to come back there.

DaShark said...

Maaan... do u ever sleep???

Anyway, we're all eagerly awaiting your return!