Friday, February 11, 2011

Vitaly - absolutely amazing!

Click on pics for detail - notice the faint Bull in the center?

Remember the Russian heroes?

Just got some pics from Vitaly and all I can say is WOW!
Now before you get all excited, YES they have obviously been changed in post production - but still, talk about absolute mastery of that art! More split images by Vitaly aka Willyam here - and below, there's one more where the tweaking is less obvious - being on the menue, the Grey's rarely if ever venture into Bull Shark territory!

As to why his website is now carrying a mature content warning - go explore for yerself!

And there's more.
Having rummaged some more, I also found more wallpaper Bulls, along with this description - yes you guessed it, it's once again totally heroic!
Translation by Babelfish - very funny and I'm sure you get the gist! :)

Of beqa Of adventure Of divers” [Dayving] is passed without the cell.
Instead of that old checked, wiser by life of one of the [fidzhiyskikh] leaders to me during that day as the defender was reached young young fellow (name, unfortunately he forgot). I do not know, first sharks were on the platoon, then whether my [bodigard] yawned and looked not to that side, but Sharkey, after ceasing to obtain into the snout iron stick they suddenly became to actively manifest to me interest. Them it became all around more and it is more. Especially they actively to move began precisely when to the back of the head it approached panic “oh, [mlya], [nakhren] I here climbed up”… As they felt. Although why “as”? Word “as” it is here better to use in the bond [s] “even as”. Certainly they feel fear. And climb-climb- climb. But in spite of entire ambiguity of situation I then tried to be abstracted and as the protection from the sticky horror he tried to think about the construction of sequence, periodically hiding camera from the sharks for the pebble - already painfully it them interested. Largest plus certainly in the fact that into the sequence of shark they jumped in groups from all sides with such venemous [ulybochkami], pier “remove me! Remove!!!” How I used with the variable success - after the fact and arrived indeed. Such here, merry [tusovochka] came out.
PS: personnel are lined as are - framing did not adapt.

Objective 20 mm fixed price.
Canon 400d in the underwater boxing.

Which begs the question, what about Sasha's crop?
Having asked, his response is Soon :) Photos are like wine, need to keep them locked for some time – they get better.

Well, then, I expect unbelievable stuff!
No pressure!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

No Way!

That's the most amazing image I have ever seen, I mean can you possibly cram another species in there?

And the split view?


OfficetoOcean said...

That top picture is absolutely outstanding!!

As for the adult content warning, maybe 'cos you used the "f" word on a comment yesterday?

For shame Michael, For shame...

DaShark said...


it was the "s" word!
And anyway, are you suddenly turning all politically correct - in the great British tradition of the Sun and the Daily Mail?
How fucking pathetic is that!


OfficetoOcean said...

Haha yes you are indeed right, apologies, no need to explain yourself either, despite my articulate public facade, I myself have a mouth like drunken sailor ;)

Anonymous said...

some funny translations and explanations:

[Dayving] - Diving of course ;)

[fidzhiyskikh] - from Fiji, fijian

[bodigard] - bodyguard

“oh, [mlya], [nakhren] I here climbed up” - "Oh my God what flicking reason to dive now and here" - the voice in my head =))))

[ulybochkami] - frowns, smiles (malicious), teeth

“remove me! Remove!!!” mean "shoot me please, shoot me (make nice picture with me)"

"Such here, merry [tusovochka] came out."
[tusovochka] - party, group etc

"Objective 20 mm fixed price." - just "lens is 20mm fix" (no zoom)

Canon 400d in the underwater boxing. - underwater waterproof box =)