Thursday, February 24, 2011

Behold: Reinhard!

Click for detail - amazing!

Check this out!
This is, by far, the best pic of hunting Sailfish, ever!!!

The incredibly talented photographer: Reinhard Dirscherl of Ocean-Photo.
Reinhard and his equally talented (and equally super nice) wife Daniela of WaterFrame were on assignment in Fiji and managed to squeeze in a few extra days for some Shark diving last October - and lemme tell 'ya, conditions were far from stellar!
With the La NiƱa wreaking havoc on water temperatures, the Bulls were already well on their way out and extremely skittish, meaning that the photo ops were highly reduced and confined to the deeper reaches of Shark Reef.

Well,what can I say - the guy is simply amazing!
Below is an awesome flyby by Maite (may you be wondering about the name?), and you can admire many more equally impressive images on his website or on the small photo gallery (scroll down) we have set up on our website.

So here's to Reinhard and Daniela's return to Fiji - at the right time, when conditions look like this! :)

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