Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rick - not with bated Breath!

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Still super busy - but this has to be shared!

Listen to the soundtrack of the video! :)
We had the pleasure of hosting the formidable Rick MacPherson on a Shark dive yesterday. Rick is not only a fellow blue blogger, but a very experienced diver and more importantly, a super nice guy on top of that, and we thus decided that he might appreciate a somewhat closer look at the action in 30 meters - and it certainly looks like the combo of suspect viz, current and high number of animals combined to produce a memorable experience!
Here he is happily filming away, with Arthur covering his back!

Actually, the current proved to be a blessing.
As per the screenshot on top, it brought in some crystal clear water during the surface interval, and conditions on the second dive at 15m were simply stellar, see the pic on top.
Rick's account here - and yes, in case you ever wondered, we got Shark!



Up Welng said...

Many thanks, Mike! You just helped me come closer to checking off all the items on my bucket list!

Looking forward to my next dive with BAD!

DaShark said...

The pleasure was all mine - seriously!
Keep up Good Work, we need more people like you!