Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wolfgang and the Hypocrites

Is somebody trying to kill Mark Addison’s poor Tiger Sharks – again ?
No, this time, it’s the very same Mark Addison torturing his own animals - and lemme tell you, I’ve seen other, truly horrific pictures of Tigers completely entangled in those steel cables he deploys! And so has he!

Huge Kudos to Wolfgang for breaking the story.
I can attest to the fact that the man has been torn between his personal loyalty and the desire to help the animals he loves, and that he has desperately tried to resolve the matter silently by contacting the concerned operators. Hopefully, his courageous post will have the desired effect and the shenanigans will stop. And if not…
Bravo Wolf for being ethically incorruptible and for always putting the well being of your beloved Sharks first!

Which begs the question, are we to believe that he was the only person to witness Addison’s despicable cruelty?
As a friend writes far too many underwater names let all manner of garbage happen with sharks, take the shot, and then shill their images online for a little name recognition and a pat on the head at DEMA without saying a thing. Patric’s re-post is of course spot on : just look at the shenanigans that are being perpetrated at Tiger beach, and to a lesser extent, at Guadalupe!
Indeed – anybody wanting to point fingers better perform a quick self check beforehand!

Case in point, the retinue of Tiger Shark petting bimbettes.
They were all CC’d on Wolfgang’s e-mail messages to Mark, every single one of them, and they all saw the revolting pictures! Did a single one voice her so publicly professed love for the animals or take the required moral stance and get personally involved in the matter? Take a wild guess – indeed, not a single squeak! That is, apart from a righteous public statement after Wolf published his post – not impressed!
Sadly, I’m not even surprised – having some backbone, speaking up and thus taking a modicum of personal risk that may well result in the loss of the coveted freebies is very different from proffering self promoting bullshit and blasting anonymous perpetrators in far away countries whilst always trying to look pretty in the process!
Names? No need to dwell, they know who they are and I’m sure that you can guess – but next time somebody tells you to take the pledge, or the like, you may want to ask some specific questions first!

As for Blue Wilderness, meh.
Great website and great self promotion – including the obligated larmoyant pro-Shark and anti-this and -that videos featuring the shark-grabbing bimbos!
Prima vista, certainly the place to go and the operator to choose!

Now, if only the man would walk the talk.
I had a first hunch when the above Tiger shark killing story broke two years ago, with a lot of righteousness, whining and the vocal support of the bimbettes. Net result of the brouhaha?

Next, I notice his name in this description of Into the Shark Bite. Despite of all the subsequent spinning by friends and apologists, this is Shark porn pure and simple, the lowest possible level of Shark media. Yup ABC4 is a cool personable guy but when he isn’t invited to strum his stupidity at shark parties, he’s a professional animal pornographer (producer of Deadly Waters no less!) and fuck one’s own conservation sound bites! Do you believe that Addison didn’t know what he was doing, and with whom?
As I once said: Pecunia non olet!

And now this.
This is certainly nothing intentional – but how can a Shark operator cause this and not stop this procedure immediately? This has happened several times!
I mean, seriously, how can anybody in our industry be so cold hearted!
How utterly disgusting!

Luckily, as always, clients have a choice.
Walter Bernardis of African Watersports cares and is trying to do something, see Wolfgang's post.
Give your business to him, not Addison.

PS: simply brilliant wrap up by Patric here!
And the Chinese whispers about Wolfgang being the cause of the problem?
Really, how utterly pathetic and underhanded, simply disgusting!

I'm done with this thing.
Fix the gizmo. If Walter’s solution doesn’t work, find one!
Stop enabling Shark porn!

And since we’re at it – Sharks are not underwater scooters!

PS2 Felix' take of Into the Shark Bite here.


The Sharkman said...

Thank You for the EYE OPENER my friend.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Informative and on target. Kudos to Wolf for breaking a silence and hopefully moving an industry in the right direction.

George Askew said...

At last some people are taking off their blinkers and speaking out.
Now how about some more REAL views and reports on people/operators more interested in glorifying their fragile egos and filling their pockets and not really giving a damn about their stock in trade - the sharks - and their clients needs, feelings, views and satisfaction.

Who has the guts to expose the
S African Great White industry? I.e. The greedy uncaring operators and the incompetent racist "authority" that "governs" [Make that mis-governs] the industry.
I am getting a bit tired of being the only vilified one for telling it like it is.

Tim of the Deep said...

I've had some wonderful dives with Walter B. Highly recommended and highly entertaining.

Tim of the Deep