Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's to Shark Diver!

Back online and the first post goes to Shark Diver.

They are soon going to celebrate their 10th anniversary.
We say Kudos and very well done! Apart from being one of the premier shark diving operations in the USA with a special focus on Guadalupe, they run Underwater Thrills which is undoubtedly the very best Shark diving blog out there.

Plus, they are headed by one incredibly smart guy.
Over the years, we have become first blog pals and then friends, and he’s one of the first persons I will consult whenever I have the need to bounce off some sharky idea . And let's not forget some of those toothy posts where both of us have tried to do something for the industry and the animals! His support and advice have been invaluable and contributed big time to shaping our business into one of Fiji’s finest and most successful Shark diving operators.

So here’s to Patric and Shark Diver!
And knowing the man, here’s to celebrating over a nice bottle of fine wine next time we meet!

Patric: Cheval Blanc or Château Pétrus?

PS very nice answer by Patric here - as expected, it's gonna be the Château Pétrus!

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