Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Certified Shark Fins?

I was recently reminded of this post.

Actually, in a very nice way!
Alex Hofford got in contact telling us that he and Paul Hilton had just published this book , and that he was sending us a copy.

Can’t wait to see it and to rip it to shreds!
Just kidding! From what I can see, it’s the first of its kind to specifically explore the demise of Sharks and will very likely become a must have for any Shark lover.
And yes, I will blog about it once we get it!

I now find this astounding press release and read
Public education will "provide consumers with the ability to ensure the marine products they purchase are genuine and legally imported, while we will also help launch product certification for marine products"
Wow - may we really be witnessing progress?

Dunno who the Marine Products Association of Hong Kong really is, and who/what it stands for, and I certainly do neither like nor believe it when they claim that 90 percent of sharks are accidentally harvested, meaning they are by-catch, and not caught on purpose. Mind you, I don’t know the actual figures (does anybody?) – but this is just highly implausible, FAO or no FAO! Plus, I'm old enough to remember who claimed that the Oceans would feed humankind and advocated drift nets and long lines!

Having also seen a February document by the same org with and equally well worded but ultimately, anti-Shark content, my got feeling is caveat emptor – but then again, it IS a beginning.
Let’s keep watching as the situation unfolds.

Mary? Any objections - so far? :)

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