Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sharky Tale from Switzerland!

Who would have thought – a Swiss Shark tale!

Here it is, enjoy!

Schweiz aktuell vom 14.09.2010

Just kidding!
The throat illness is Swiss German, a barbaric (!) relic left over by the Alamanni after having battled the Romans in southern Europe. And the guy proffering gibberish from in front of the Shark replicas is our dear friend Juerg in what appears to be the alpine reincarnation of George – only smarter and, I am told, much, much better looking!
But I’m digressing as usual.

The tale is about a little boy from Einsiedeln smack in the middle of the Alps.
He released a small helium balloon with his address and after several months, somebody sent it back from Maui, Hawaii! And it gets even more spectacular: an attached drawing shows how the finder caught a Shark and retrieved the balloon from its stomach!

Turns out that on that day, the prevailing wind would have carried the balloon towards the Persian Gulf – meaning that the alas unspecified Shark would have had to gobble it up there before swimming all the way to Maui!
And Juerg says: possible!

I say: Ganz härzig – aber chamer würkli sones Briefli naa drü Mönet imene Haimage no läse?
First correct translation wins a Fiji Shark Dive!


Unknown said...

Very cute - but can you really still read such a letter after beeing in a sharks stomach for over 3 months?

DaShark said...

Well, Moene - now you really have to come and do the dive!


Unknown said...

Throw a toy shark into a swimming pool and I will do it

DaShark said...

Nah nah Moene - you found it fit to boast your linguistic prowess, did post the correct answer and have won a coveted Fiji Shark Dive!

We shall be delighted to host you and will throw in as many pool and refresher dives as necessary!

Oder haett oeppen oepper d'Schnorre z'schnaell ond vorallem z'wiit uufgrisse?
Heidi, die Suppe haesch Dir ja woerkli eigehaendig iibrockt!