Monday, September 06, 2010

Viking Excellence!

Bravo Lill!

She has just been crowned Norway’s beste underwannsfotograf!
Way to go!

I did check the winning images and what can I say.
Norway’s underwater landscapes are what they are, and managing to paint in colors whilst avoiding backscatter in what appears to be the worst viz, ever, is indeed a major achievement!
So, here’s to Viking toughness, persistence and technical ingenuity – and to itsy bitsy wee crabs!

Having said that, the Bulls are waiting!
Next year, yes?


(Tiger)Lily said...

Thanks a lot Mike - but "worst vis ever"? C'mon, it's not that bad, Sweden is far worse! However, shooting decent images while tangled up in the kelp and the supermodel flapping around in the surge was a bit more challenging. But as a good brave viking I wedged myself in with the marine life and pulled it off. Must be that year of chasing shark images by pretending to be a piece of the reef. YES, the Bulls are waiting, I can't wait to hook up with old friend at Shark Reef. Will be back "soon" : )

Some more images from the competition here:

DaShark said...

Oh, and there was a surge as well!
Gee! :)

Having said that… the La Nina is really nailing us and we're currently experiencing terrible viz and massive wind and waves - and heaps of very nervous Sharks zipping around in the murk!

Slightly disconcerting to say the least - but it sure makes for interesting video!

The Sharkman said...

Congratulations Lil.

Hope to see you in Fiji next year.