Monday, September 27, 2010

Ozzie Sam – great Guy, great Pics!

Here’s to Sam Cahir!

Soft spoken and humble, he really is a pleasure to host.
And after a squillion trips to Fiji to dive Beqa Passage (only!), his Shark photography is getting better and better, in line with his understanding of the animals. Case in point: the above picture of Nick that won him Best Wide Angle at the 2010 iDiveSharks Imaging Festival and and Best Shark Image at the Underwater Photography Photo Contest 2009/10 – and you can check out plenty more of Sam’s pictures here !

Now, it appears, he has struck again.
Mark of iDiveSharks is currently working on the 2011 iDS calendar and three of Sam’s pics have made the coveted bucket list! And guess what: although Sam alternates between Shark diving operators, it just so happens that all three were taken on the Fiji Shark Dive at Shark Reef – and yes, before you ask, being a multi-multi-multi return customer and a great guy on top of that, Sam is being accorded special privileges!
Anyway, how cool is that!

“Bully”, from Sam’s latest 2010 crop – very very nice indeed!

Can’t wait to see finished product!
The initial layout of the calender is great and the cover shot by Bill Fisher is really as good as it gets! May it have been taken from Lawrence’s runabout?

Enjoy Sam's pictures!


John Brown said...

It was a blast to dive with Sam this last trip to Fiji. The man takes some amazing pics.

liquidmocean said...

Hey, just seen the plug, cheers mate.

The calendar is now out of my hands. Sam's images elevate the product to a whole new level. That's not to be unfair to the other 32 contributing photographers, there's just something about that damned shark dive.

Itchy feet.....

koli said...

@ d shark, how do you know all the pics were from srmr? i know sam dives equally the same amount with aquatrek beqa and has won competitions from pics taken at their site, you cant honestly be claiming all pics to be from srmr

Sam Cahir said...

Wow, thanks for all the kind words. It is genuinely an absolute pleasure diving with Mike and the BAD crew and yes all the pics in the calendar were most definitely taken at shark reef when diving with BAD.

DaShark said...

koli huh…

Not the usual adulterous reptile?