Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jimmy, Neil and Al Jazeera - great Shark Media!

Affectionate Sharks? Hmmmm...

And talking of bimbos and Sharks.
Watch this.

This is how you do it!
No drama and undue hype but instead, plenty of science and passion garnished with the right conservation messaging that is being delivered unobtrusively between the lines as opposed the usual tired old unappealing pathos. This is really excellent, highly entertaining and highly informative programming - love not loss, remember?

And bless Jimmy!
His love and passion for his Sharks is just infectious and really quite endearing.

Tho the Tigers and affection thingy, hmmm...
Tricky tricky. I've not been to TB and have never met those specific, highly conditioned individuals. And I totally respect Jimmy for arguably being the world's foremost authority on diving with them, and I also believe him when he states that there's something going on.
Still, from my own, granted much more limited experience, I do consider Tiger Sharks to be highly deceiving.
Yes they certainly appear mellow but the way I see it, they are actually always probing for opportunities and likely to pounce when not properly acknowledged and dominated = what I call a head on a swivel Shark that requires constant supervision and should never be underestimated!
Case in point.

To me, that is typical Tiger.
Yes the situation can usually be defused by reacting assertively, much like that dude did with the attacking Blue - but IMO this is never the less a highly dangerous Shark that should never be taken for granted! But who knows - maybe the TB sharks are somehow different? I say, possibly but not very likely. So, please, don't do that at home - and if you really must, then only with great circumspection and flanked with copious amounts of fishy bribes!

Love love love that feature and once again, big congratulations to everybody that has made it possible!


jsd said...

I agree with you that tiger sharks need to be treated with considerable caution/respect. Once one decides something might be worthy trying to eat, it isn't going to hesitate and think, 'Hold on, this isn't a fish/lobster/stingray/smaller shark/ dead dolphin / discarded cheeseburger -- it's a human being, whatever the hell that is, I'd better behave myself!

John Bantin has twice been lifted up and carried a good distance by tiger sharks at shark feeds - they came in from behind and luckily, bit down on his tank. They carried him off and he thought he was toast - or rather, discarded cheeseburger.

DaShark said...

John who? :)

And whatever happened to the part about keeping one's head on a swivel?