Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spiny Dogfish and Mercury!


Remember the luncheon Sharks and Chuck's post?

They're obviously still on the agenda.
Here's a really good article exploring the issue, and from what I understand, it ain't looking good. Whatever the finer details, those Sharks are simply too full of mercury to be adequate food for school children, period - so here's to this stupidity being turned down!

And the fishermen?
The quotas are simply too high - not biologically but economically. 
And the solution is not to try and smuggle toxic Fish into school meals, but to land less Dogfish! Yup it's tough - but both economically, medically and ethically, it's the only possible way to go!

PS - and this shit?
Obviously, just the ramblings of one more uninformed moron.
As humans, it is our duty, of course, to regulate ecosystems as we see fit - yeah, right.

PS2 -  and much like anticipated, they have transitioned back from being endangered to being one of the most despised fishes... sigh...

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