Monday, February 29, 2016

Winston - Message from the Battlefield!


Just a quick heads up about the SRMR.

The Giant Clams have made it!
Some have been ripped off and thoroughly pummeled, but we have found and repositioned all the strays, and are hoping that they may be able to develop a new byssus before the next challenge.

And the Shark action is fast and furious!
The viz is still sub-optimal but there's heaps upon heaps of big and hungry Bull Sharks, and even the small Reefies are slowly making it back to the shallows.

And finally, the water is way cooler, see at top.
Today it was 26C in 30m, meaning that for now, we've managed to dodge the worst of the bleaching. But having gone walkabout, 5% of our Corals are already toast whereas a further 30% are clearly stressed - and this surprisingly right across all genera including the generally resilient Porites!

But all-in-all,we've been very lucky indeed!

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