Monday, February 22, 2016

Back in Business!

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We're opening tomorrow.

But first.
This has been the worst cyclone to ever hit the SoPac, and one of the very worst globally.
Our thoughts go to the families of the deceased and missing, to the many who got injured, to the countless displaced, many of whom have literally lost everything.

But this is Fiji.
Yes the widespread stoicism in the face of the onrushing onslaught may have seemed peculiar - but the flip side is that after the event, there is no drama whatsoever as instead of lamenting and waiting for others to help, we get up, dust ourselves off and carry on. 
Case in point, the power and water are miraculously back on, and everybody is busy cleaning up and helping friends and neighbors to get back on their feet. And a big bravo to Government who has been handling this admirably right from the get go, and who continues show leadership by being proactive, efficient and effective all throughout the country.

I also want to thank our friends.
Your outpouring of support has been frankly humbling, and we all thank you for that. No we really don't need anything - but should you want to make a valuable contribution, please make a donation to the Fiji Red Cross or to the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Fund as right now, those are by far the most effective venues for quickly getting the right help to the affected people.
Thank you very much.

Anyway, we're open for business.
Can't wait to have my first look at Shark Reef that has been battered by phenomenal seas. We've recently established a shallow nursery for different endangered Giant Clams, and I'm fearing the worst - but who knows, we here are resilient.

Keep watching this space!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that everyone is safe!

Tim of the Deep said...

Glad to hear you made it relatively unscathed. I am sure it was ominous.

DaShark said...

Yup - scary shit lemme tell 'ya!

Cristina Z said...

So glad to hear more from you guys. Thank you for the links for donations.

Michele (and Howard) Hall said...

So relieved to know that you and our BAD friends are all okay. Our thoughts are with you, Mike.