Monday, February 22, 2016

Ratu Kolinio Biautubukoso!

And... do you know who that may be?

Yup that's none other than Tumbee, Papa's son!
The short clip has been edited by Bruna and Felipe during the Oceania caper of their Gente Extraordinária project - and of course he is!

Looks like they had a ball.
All of that happened extremely short term and amid major boat and engine problems, meaning that nobody had prepared for their visit let alone had really any time for them; but of course this is Fiji, and everything sorts itself out at the and - and of course the Shark dive is always awesome.
Tho Bruna appears to have been fascinated by other things?

So here is their report - and here is their portrait of Tumbee.
Indeed, É muito bom, mas não é natural.
And Tumbee is truly extraordinary!!

Vinaka, much appreciated - and bon voyage!

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