Sunday, April 03, 2016

Doc - the Book!

JSD and the book!

Very, very nice indeed!

I've just received the book.
The package comes with a letter about the Shark Lab's ambitious renovation plans, and an e-mail asks me to please share or review it. 

What can I say.
Doc is both a pal and somebody I revere enormously, and author Jeremy has long been a pen pal who often graces this blog with his inimitably witty and sometimes, brutally sarcastic comments.

So there.

Thing is, I do this gladly as I really do love the book.
Truth be told I've just started reading it - but I can already say that it is riveting and entertaining, and written with much love but also knowledge, much along the lines of this shorter interim eulogy, equally by Jeremy. My own synopsis: Seriously, you just can't make that shit up - epic stuff!
Absolutely and unequivocally, required reading!

Plus, there is the cause.
Doc's, and now Tristan's iconic Sharklab has been the epicenter of excellent Shark research for the past 25 years and is now in dire need of a major rejuvenation and upgrade, and the book is one of the vehicles intended for collecting the required funds.
Website here, purchase options here.



jsd said...

Cute author.

DaShark said...

Indeed, and endowed with cherubic innocence - sed fallitur visus!