Sunday, February 14, 2016

Game Changer!

Now Tom has weighed in here.
He is perfectly correct - this will be a game changer and a huge step towards propelling the Shark diving industry towards a more long term sustainable model, much like what we in the industry are trying to achieve via GSD and what Austin et al have advocated in their recent stellar paper.
And not only that - despite being your quintessential penniless young researcher, Tom has also made a contribution! 
Chapeau - I am impressed!

And all the others?
I thought that Rick was one of the most liked and respected conservation people out there, with zillions of friends all over the globe? And yet, I'm yet to see any endorsement in all those friendly blogs and FB pages and Twitter feeds, let alone any shekels for his funding page? 

C'mon people, we can do better than that.
Isn't this precisely what is needed and what we've all been advocating for years, and does Rick not deserve our full support for having selflessly embarked on this rather titanic endeavor on his own dime and precious free time? 
Forget the breathy sharkaholic masses that are so long on opinions and so short on actual deeds - but even if yer all hopelessly broke, can we please at least see some public endorsements by all you social media gurus and public friends?

Thank you!

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OK, I know I've been slow lately. Sheckels on the way and blog will follow :-)