Saturday, November 08, 2014

Jackass jumps on Shark!

Another Ozzie jackass - with a real Tiger!

No way!

This shit has gone viral.
But that is never a Tiger Shark - if that is Australia like reported, then that's a Tawny Nurse.

Anyway, watch.


jsd said...

I jumped on a horny nurse once.

DaShark said...


Probably way more dangerous than that poor little Shark!

I jumped a said...

I jumped off the couch once...was watching ABC3.2 and his hair challenged side kick (White Dreddy Boy) do something similar on Shark Week.

The couch jumping coincided with a channel switch and some popcorn.

Still, that's a pretty silly video. Rates up there with some of the best we have seen in a while.

Why is it ALWAYS an Aussie or even dumber Kiwi doing this shit?

DaShark said...

Nah not quite true - there's jackasses everywhere!

Tim of the Deep said...

Guam has a jackass as well: