Saturday, November 08, 2014

Global Shark Diving - the Ambassador!


Douglas David Seifert is our first GSD Ambassador.
He will be doing what he's been doing all along, i.e. liaising between the people and the marine life - and being arguably the world's best shark photographer, I cannot think of a better person to take on the role of telling the public about the many remarkable initiatives the GSD members are spearheading around the globe.

And, there is this.
Check out his Facebook page.
See? Zero breathy self promotion!
He just goes to those places, incidentally on his own dime, works incredibly hard and comes back with images others can only dream about. Much like the other truly outstanding photographers and cameramen like e.g. Howard and Michele, the other Doug, MPO and Aussie Sam - and very much to the contrary of all those media whores!

But I'm digressing as always.
Welcome aboard buddy!


jsd said...

I want his dentist.

Lindsay L. Graff said...

great choice!