Saturday, November 08, 2014

Maldives Shark Sanctuary - Case Study!

Maldives Shark Sanctuary - only a SINO? Source.


Remember this 2013 report by TRAFFIC?
Back then I was wondering why the Maldives were listed as exporters of Shark products despite of their designation as a Shark Sanctuary.
Now, I understand.

Read this.
The Maldives had always been an important Shark fishing nation (an here) - and when they decreed the sanctuary by forbidding Shark fishing but failed to adequately ban the possession of Shark products, the fishing and the trade did continue, this mainly due to insufficient monitoring and enforcement but also lack of awareness and compensation of the fishermen.

There are obviously lessons to be learned here.
Nothing spectacular mind you - just that those things need to be meticulously planned, and that whoever advocates them needs to take on his share in facilitating their implementation.

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