Thursday, November 06, 2014

Global Shark Diving - Launch!


Remember this post?
Well today marks the unveiling of one of those initiatives - finally!
Behold Global Shark Diving, the first global alliance of responsible and long-term sustainable Shark diving operators! We pride ourselves in being industry leaders and as such, on top of providing some of the world's best Shark diving and excellent service, we have all committed ourselves to our three guiding principles, namely 
  • excellent safety procedures 
  • the sponsoring of Shark research and 
  • a dedication to Shark conservation
With this initiative, we are hoping to gradually direct the industry towards a more credible, eco-friendly and long term sustainable product whilst safeguarding our most valuable asset, the Sharks.

We are currently inviting more operators to join.
Since everybody in the industry knows everybody, we don't entertain applications but instead, membership is being bestowed by invitation only and after a rigorous screening process to assess the candidates' adherence to each guiding principle - and this not in mere words but in facts on the ground! Gotta walk the talk!
I hear that one very prominent operator has already signed on, with possibly two more joining in the very near future - so keep watching that space!

And what's in it for you?
First and foremost, the assurance that by diving with one of those operators, you are giving your business to an industry leader that has made a commitment to adhere to the highest standards, and that will continuously strive to always remain at the forefront of industry developments. On a more practical side, we shall be distributing GSD cards to selected guests that will henceforth be entitled to global discounts plus an array of special initiatives reserved for GSD cardholders only. 
So be nice, and you may qualify! :)

Anyway, I'm very happy.
And mighty proud, too, and relieved - building an alliance of toothy and opinionated Shark diving operators is certainly not for the faint-hearted! So thank you gents, and Vivian our unrivaled and ever-patient web administrator, for pulling this through - all-in-all, this has been a brilliant experience! :)

To be continued no doubt - onward and upward!


Tim of the Deep said...

Yet another commendable step by the folks at BAD and responsible shark operators world wide. Great concept. I applaud this pioneering move.

DaShark said...

Thanks Timbo

We try... as an industry we'll only survive by being nimble and innovative - and by actively protecting our principal business asset = the ocean with all its denizens!

The Sharkman said...

WOW....this is simply JAWSOME!! Well done for such a great initiative,